The next minor version of PHP5(5.3; currently in the alpha stage) will include support for NOWDOC, Lambda functions & Closures, and the much anticipated ternary shortcut(?:). NOWDOCs are basically HEREDOCs, […]

More Hurricane Devastation

So I came across a picture taken recently by a reporter in a helicopter over Galveston. Apparently this house was just recently built, and was built to withstand a category […]

Safe! For now...

We’ve been pretty lucky so far this hurricane season. We’ve only had one direct hit, and one or two near misses. Hanna veered further out to sea and made landfall […]

Here comes another one. =/

Hurricane Hanna’s current projected track takes it right up the eastern seaboard, which means it will sideswipe us here in Florida. The current speed is rather slow, like Fay, so […]